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Baku 2015 European Games Torch Relay

Who We Are

Event management company specialising in large scale international public events including Torch Relays, Sponsor Activations, Roadshows and Ceremonies. 

We are passionate event professionals who have extensive experience in planning, implementing, operating and managing international events and projects.

​We deliver bespoke events with true impact - events that inspire, deliver results and build synergy. We adapt to our client's cultural and political environment, working with them on the most complex projects. 

Rio 2016 Olympic and Paralympic Games Look Programme

Our Approach

Our experience, skills, dedication and commitment has allowed us to advice and assist various Games organisations to quantify, develop and deliver their ambitions. We have consulted and delivered across numerous program areas: Baton and Torch Relay; Opening and Closing Ceremonies; Cultural Festival; Youth Camp; Medal Ceremonies; Image and Look; Sponsorship Sales and Servicing; Logistics; Finance; and Procurement. 

Doha 2006 Asian Games Torch Relay

Our People

Planet Events Services is led by Managing Director: Louis Rosa.

We are an alliance of experienced personnel capable of helping client's realise their vision and to deliver simply extraordinary results. Our people, experience and networks gives us the ability to analyse strategic and operational requirements and provide proactive advice, hands-on management and practical examples from our years of event experience. 


Rio 2016 - Olympic Rings on Copacabana Beach


Project Lead for the Look of the Games programme

PES led the team that produced and installed all Look of the Games items: over 500,000 sqm of printed material; 250 ‘spectacular’ sculptures and totems and over 2,600 flagpoles; across 50 venues in Rio de Janeiro and the five ‘football’ cities throughout Brazil.

Within three months established the structure, operations, recruitment and scheduling for the international and domestic team of approximately 300 persons; Analysed, tracked changes and communicated to all staff the official scope, timelines and schedules for production, delivery and installation of all items. 


Production of the Torch Relay

PES produced and directed the ​Torch Relay including relay planning and operations: convoy, logistics, travel and accommodation, security procedures, twice daily celebrations, video, photography and support services.

Recruited, trained and managed the team of 150 staff, volunteers and contractors.

The Torch Relay travelled for 48 days throughout Azerbaijan and included 60 celebration events.


Consulting for the Torch Relay programme

PES provided initial strategic planning and general advice on all torch relay marketing and operations including formulating a draft route throughout Russia.

Won the competition for devising creative plans for both the Olympic and Paralympic Torch Relays.


Royal Bank of Canada (Presenting Partner of the Torch Relay) - Strategic planning and project management for the Torch Relay program

PES delivered full time planning and operational services to RBC for their sponsorship activation for the Torch Relay. PES provided planning and implementation expertise over a 12 month period on all facets of strategic, project and operational planning including the convoy, main promotional vehicle, theme, branding, Torchbearer recruitment, management process and management of RBC's event marketing and activation agency.

PES also assisted RBC with their bid program to become a Presenting Partner of the Torch Relay. 


Consultant to sponsors of the Torch Relay: Samsung; Lenovo; Coca Cola; and Volkswagen

PES provided planning and operational services to sponsors for their sponsorship activation for the Torch Relay. The Olympic Torch Relay travelled for 33 days to 19 international nations and for 100 days throughout China.

Samsung: full time planning and operational services for the Torch Relay sponsorship activation. With staff permanently based in Beijing throughout the project, the team managed all facets of planning for the relay including strategic, project & operational planning including the promotional vehicles, themes and branding. The team were also involved in the day to day operational delivery of the relay which travelled across China for 97 days. The relay activation involved over 120 people across three separate convoys including promotional vehicles (parade like floats), activation staff on vehicles and distribution of premiums along the relay route.

Lenovo: production and management of the Lenovo promotional vehicle and associated promotional staff, along with the distribution of sponsor premiums, for key strategic cities on the international sector of the Torch Relay. PES also provided project management services for the China sector of the Torch Relay, providing planning and implementation expertise including the Torchbearer recruitment and management process. 

Coca Cola: timely and strategic planning advice in the lead up to the Torch Relay. Whilst not involved in the operational delivery, the advice provided over the planning period assisted Coca Cola in developing and implementing their operational plans.

Volkswagen: design and implementation of the operational program for delivering hundreds of vehicles across China for the Torch Relay program. The team also developed and implemented training programs for local VW dealers and designed, with various agencies, the marketing and media programs for the Torch Relay sponsorship program. 

Managing Director - Louis Rosa

Event Producer with over 20 years' experience on major international events staged worldwide.

Strong leader with expertise in event planning and delivery, financial and project management and in stakeholder engagement.

Experience gained across various major sporting organisations - Olympic, Commonwealth, European Games’ etc - specialising on torch and baton relay events, on roadshows and in providing event marketing and operations management services to commercial organisations.

Track record of successfully leading the end-to-end planning and delivery of events in organisations with strict deadlines, requiring high level communication, stakeholder management, diplomacy, cross-functional area integration, financial management and multi-tasking across operational areas.

Team leader and effective communicator with proven ability to recruit, train and motivate employees and contractors with varied cultural, religious and language backgrounds. Interacted with all levels of government, organisational boards, sponsors and event stakeholders.

Passionate about events and a high-performer who has thrived and succeeded in challenging environments that are fast paced with multiple (and often conflicting) stakeholders and clients objectives.

Managing Director: Louis Rosa

Managing Director: Louis Rosa

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